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Dear Patroller,

The Mt. Bachelor National Ski Patrol is getting ready for another great season. Annual dues and registration are due soon as “clarified” below.  Due to changes in National’s policy, things are a bit more complicated this year, however, in the long run, they should straighten out.

National dues are paid directly to National through the www.nsp.org (paypal or check).  After our refresher, when our roster is finalized, you will receive an email invoice from National for $55.  This needs to be paid to National PRIOR TO Dec. 31, 2017.  If it is not, I will need to disable your pass and there will be a late fee.

Local dues are as follows:

Division dues     $8
Region dues       $15
Local Dues         $15
Total owed         $38

Division, Region and Local dues will be collected by Mt. Bachelor NSP, specifically David Dattke, our Treasurer. They can be paid by paypal (on the website), credit card (in person) or by check.  These dues need to be paid prior to the OEC refresher on Nov. 4.  WE WILL NOT BE COLLECTING DUES AT THE REFRESHER.

Pay by Paypal:

Pay by Credit card:  David Dattke has a Square to swipe cards in person.

Pay by Check: mail check made out to “Mt. Bachelor NSP” and registration to:
David Dattke, MBNSP treasurer
P.O. Box 1693
Bend, OR       97709

If you would like to make a  voluntary contribution to our patrol, please send a check made out to MBNSP to David Dattke as above, or on this web site, click “Public site/be a donor”. This donation is purely voluntary.  Names of individual contributors will remain confidential.  As a part of NSP, our patrol is a non-profit per IRS rules.

Annual Registration

In order to have the correct information for your pass and our records, please complete a registration.  Either submit your registration information via mail using:

2017-2018 dues letter

or submit your registration form online:

Online Registration

  • Spouse and Children

    Only married spouses are eligible for a pass. Children must be 18 years of age or younger on Dec. 31, 2016 and living at home to receive a family pass.
  • Updates/additional children/comments

Inactive patrollers:  If you are not planning on patrolling this year, and would like to stay active with the patrol, with the expectation of returning to active patrolling, there are two possibilities.  You can:  1.  Fully register, keep up your OEC and CPR, pay your $93 in total dues and be registered with National as a non-patrolling patroller, keeping your years of service and various certifications or, 2.  Register with National as an Alumni pay $50 also keeping your years of service and various certifications.  Per section 2.8 of the Policies and Procedures, the status of inactive patroller should be short term (less than 2 years) and must be approved by the eBoard.  Contact Allen Engle, aengle@bendbroadband.com for more information.

Family Passes:  The birth dates of children are required for their season passes; children must be 18 or younger on Dec. 31, 2017 to be eligible for season pass privileges.